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VTimes Series on Agent Orange

During 2010, VTimes, a San Jose-based Vietnamese-language weekly, published a series of articles and columns about Agent Orange in Vietnam. Vietnam Reporting Project fellows Henry Liem and Duc Ha, along with VRP editor De Tran, reported the following stories.  

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Photographs of Heather Bowser

William (Bill) Morris was drafted for the Vietnam War in 1967. He sent this photograph to his wife Sharon in 1968. “He went to Vietnam thinking of it as an adventure,” Sharon said. “Then reality set in. All he wanted to do was stay alive and get home.”

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Student Projects

In Ho Chi Minh City, organizations work hard to assist the growing number of Vietnamese disabled by disease, accidents or exposure to Agent Orange.

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The Leaves Keep Falling

An intimate portrait of two Vietnamese families whose children are severely disabled due to exposure to the dioxin in Agent Orange. Video by Ed Kashi, stills by Catherine Karnow.

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Agent Orange: A Terrible Legacy

An audio slideshow by Vietnam Reporting Project fellow Catherine Karnow.

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Photographs of the Friendship Village

  By Nick Ut More than 100 children, from age 6 to 20 or so, live at Friendship Village for two to four years for medical treatment, rehabilitation and job training. At any given time, 40 or so war veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange also stay at the Village for a few months’ […]

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