Vietnam Revisited

By Thuy Vu

A CBS5 Special Report

Vietnam Reporting Project fellow Thuy Vu, an Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter for CBS5, recently returned to her homeland of Vietnam to take an in-depth look at the impact of Agent Orange. This CBS5 Special Report explores the ongoing health impact of Agent Orange, the toxin used by the US military to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam. The half-hour report aired several times in January 2011.

During the Vietnam War, US military forces dumped more than 20 million gallons of the dioxin-contaminated defoliant on Vietnam’s jungles, affecting the country’s people and the soldiers who fought alongside American troops. Many scientists and health experts suspect that the toxin is responsible for cancers, deformities and disabilities. And, while American soldiers have received care for their Agent Orange-related issues, the Vietnamese feel they’ve been abandoned by the US government.

Editor’s Note: “Vietnam Revisited” has received numerous journalism awards. Read more.


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