Give a Heart: Shop at the SPIRAL Foundation

Agent Orange_dioxin_vietnam_SPIRALFoundation_heart surgeries_1

The scars on these children's chests are from life-saving heart surgeries funded by the SPIRAL Foundation.

Valentines Day is over and while the chocolate and candy may be be gone, there’s still plenty of time to give a heart to a disabled child in Vietnam.

The Spiral Foundation, a nongovernmental humanitarian organization that raises funds to support the sick and disabled in Vietnam, together with Make Agent Orange History announce a fundraising campaign to help children with congenital heart disease – many of whom suffer from the toxic impact of Agent Orange.

Between February 8th and April 30, 2011, all profits from the sale of three beautiful crafts, made by disabled artisans at Healing the Wounded Heart Shop in Hue, will help fund heart surgeries for Vietnamese children in need.

In just the final two months of 2010, the SPIRAL Foundation raised more than $82,000 dollars through the sale of these locally made crafts. This money funded a variety of programs and activities in Vietnam – including heart surgeries – and gave 9 Vietnamese children a new lease of life.

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